Wholesale / Retail Enquiries

For retailers, pub landlords etc -  we offer attractive wholesale prices, a fairly unique product line and memorable branding and easy restocking (we can give you a ring once a month or however often you find you need to restock, you can set up a recurring order, or you can order on demand through this website and have a wholesale discount applied at checkout - subject to a minimum order).  Additionally, most of our products, since they are smoked/dried, will stay good for years.


Here are a few words from two of our stockists: 

Dan from Pivni, York:

"At Pivni, we serve rare and unusual hand-crafted beers from around the world and as such, I wanted to offer my customers something more befitting to snack on than the usual crisps, nuts and scratchings. To my mind, there  is nothing more satisfying than the hearty flavour of traditional, hand-made jerky with a pint or two and no-one does jerky better than Martin."

Chloe from The Grove, Huddersfield:

"We have stocked Martin's Jerked Meat, here at The Grove (Huddersfield) for over 5 years, continuously. The ever expanding and changing range means there is ALWAYS something delicious to try and a cacophony of different flavours to keep any indecisive or selective customers happy. A hit with folk of all ages, shapes and sizes and we'd be lost without it! Martin and Suzie are a pleasure to deal with and their products are unerringly high quality and scrumptious. Long live Martin's Jerked Meat!"


So who might be interested?

Pubs - most of our products make excellent bar snacks, so why not give your customers an alternative to pork scratchings and scampi fries.   Fruit leathers and vegetable crisps to cater to vegetarian customers.  Jerky for the meat eaters.   Eye catching packaging.   Choice of branding - Martin's Jerked Meat - like Martin, this brand is a bit brash and in your face but likeable, or Cowley's Fine Foods which is a little more refined - whichever you think will go down better with your clientele.

Health shops - all of our products are healthy, certainly healthier than other snackfoods that we aim to replace.   We don't use artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colourings or flavourings.   We rely on the proven techniques of dessication, smoking, salting and vacuum sealing to keep our product fresh.   In addition, our jerky has been lab tested and is still edible even after 5 years!

Camping / Outdoor Sports - our products are a healthy alternative to modern snack foods, and are high in energy and very durable.  This makes them convenient and appealling to hikers and people who spend a lot of their time outdoors.

Bushcrafters - for similar reasons, most of our products are good survival food and a concentrated source of energy.

Historical sites, museum shops etc - most of our product lines are derived from a sense of historical necessity.   There were no fridges in the dark ages, so people had to preserve their food by drying, salting or smoking it.   Our products, particularly period specific or historically themed ones would be a tasty snack that isn't out of place.

For wholesale/retail enquiries, please contact Martin directly using the contact form on this site.